Meet the founder - Surf Trip Supply

Meet the founder

Meet Larry: I’m a 17 year old surfer from Huntington Beach, California and I started Surf Trip at the age of 14. I originally started Surf Trip because I couldn’t surf during Covid so I would draw everything that I would take on a surf trip! Im a full-time junior in high school and I love to surf and rock climb. I worked for 3 months straight trying to figure out how to put my designs on a tshirt and the brand eventually took off (after a year of 0 traction 😭) I trusted God throughout the whole process and it definitely wasn’t easy but I started to see growth. I met a ton of rad people along the way and I wouldn’t trade this journey for the world. This brand is my passion, obsession, and basically my life 🌍!
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Hey Lary! I have just seen your beautiful brand on instagram and I love these clothes so much, they all look stunning 💗
I saw at the bottom of the post it said there were modelling spaces available? I would love the opportunity to model for the brand and apply, if I could be given any more information about it?
Thank you!


Hi!! I love your story on how you got your businesses going. I’ve always wanted too model if you need any def hmu insta@willow_carter2022

Willow Carter

I love your passion for what you do and for surf! I’m 16 and sadly haven’t been to Cali yet but definitely want to get there and test out the waves !

Selah O’Brien





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