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Meet the founder

Meet Larry: I’m aN 18 year old surfer from Huntington Beach, California and I started Surf Trip at the age of 14. I originally started Surf Trip because I couldn’t surf during Covid so I would draw everything that I would take on a surf trip! Im a full-time senior in high school and I love the ocean. I worked for 3 months straight trying to figure out how to put my designs on a tshirt and the brand eventually took off (after almost 2 years of 0 traction 😭) I trusted God throughout the whole process and it definitely wasn’t easy but I started to see growth. I met a ton of rad people along the way and I wouldn’t trade this journey for the world. This brand is my passion, obsession, and basically my life 🌍!
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I just ordered the Longboard Larry hat! Soooo excited for it to come. I love your company so much dude. Good job with an awesome business and great job at spreading the gospel.


Yo Larry!!!! I’m 17 too and I moved from So Cal to Tennessee 2 years and missed the ocean immediately. Every time I thought of surfing or fishing again I would just make a design on a piece of paper and just put it aside. A few friends pointed out that they look really good and since then I have been designing surf/golf clothing online. I’m stoked to say that I’m going to sell them online when I move back to the ocean in Florida this summer. Thanks for inspiring me dude, much love – james


God is so good! Love that he gave you this passion and that your art is on a platform that can reach so many people! Mahalo


Hi Larry! My name is Camryn and I am a student at the University of San Diego. I found your brand a few years ago in high school (2021) on Tik Tok and bought a sweatshirt. To this day it is one of my favorite sweatshirts. I come from a small town in Wisconsin but longed to live somewhere by the beach, so when I found this brand, it really reminded me of the life I want. I am sending this message to see if you were looking for models for your brand. My instagram is camrynkozak and my email is

Email me if you are interested in a model or someone to represent your brand.

Camryn Kozak

Excellent quality
Stunning designs
Outstanding customer service

Pamela E.

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