Meet the founder - Surf Trip Supply

Meet the founder

Meet Larry: I’m aN 18 year old surfer from Huntington Beach, California and I started Surf Trip at the age of 14. I originally started Surf Trip because I couldn’t surf during Covid so I would draw everything that I would take on a surf trip! Im a full-time senior in high school and I love the ocean. I worked for 3 months straight trying to figure out how to put my designs on a tshirt and the brand eventually took off (after almost 2 years of 0 traction 😭) I trusted God throughout the whole process and it definitely wasn’t easy but I started to see growth. I met a ton of rad people along the way and I wouldn’t trade this journey for the world. This brand is my passion, obsession, and basically my life 🌍!
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I ordered a hat on thanksgiving day and it was shipped the very next day… amazing service

Alex Marable

Great to meet you last weekend at the Chevron Station check out my Facebook Page I posted a picture of your cool van and will ad it in my mag Sunset Beach Mag online 24/7

James Griffin

Just placed my first order in the uk and received in good time. An exceptional hoodie my daughter is gonna love. She’s an avid surfer altho I’m sure the waves in the uk arnt half as good as yours Will defo be placing another order soon. Keep up the good work

kim thomas

Hey Lary! I have just seen your beautiful brand on instagram and I love these clothes so much, they all look stunning 💗
I saw at the bottom of the post it said there were modelling spaces available? I would love the opportunity to model for the brand and apply, if I could be given any more information about it?
Thank you!


Hi!! I love your story on how you got your businesses going. I’ve always wanted too model if you need any def hmu insta@willow_carter2022

Willow Carter

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